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Secrets of Syn is a fictional series about an uncommon teen-aged girl named, Angie Williams, a self-proclaimed anachronism and poetess. Angie, a descendant of the Williams of Salem Massachusetts was birthed into the modern world in a pool of blood, known as The Blood Omen, which the occult resource book Sacred Magick stated, “… is a significant portent not to be overlooked.”

By the age of thirteen Angie was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and by age sixteen, depression was added to her medical records, but is this unusual girl really plagued by mental illness or could there something more going on within her mind, body, and spirit? Something that has always been flowing within her bloodline?

A new chapter of this ongoing series,
Secrets of Syn is posted  monthly.

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PS Cover

The Prodigal Son is a story about Luke Bennet, a renowned cardiovascular surgeon from Boston, Massachusetts, who as a child, after experiencing the death of his father found solace in science. Due to an unforeseen circumstance, he returns to his hometown of Tremont on a forced “vacation”, and faces events that make him question the sterile life he has fashioned: void of all traces of his childhood faith in God and the Catholic Church.

While home Luke not only reunites with old friends, he also establishes a new relationship with the exquisitely beautiful stranger named Sophia with whom he becomes intimate. Through her unusual spiritual connection with humanity, she encourages Luke to face his faults, she helps him overcome the childhood trauma that he never healed from, and she guides him to view life in a more balanced. way.


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