Becoming Witch Front Cover

Written for an audience of Witches, this book explores the basics of Witchcraft from the perspective of a practicing Witch who has experienced a life transition, which lead to the necessity of evaluating her Craft. The author discusses the fundamentals of magick, ethics, spirits, sacred space, tools, spell crafting and casting while maintaining the importance of remaining true to yourself.

If you’re looking to reestablish your own practice – this book is for you!
– Revisit the topics of witchcraft.
– Rediscover your skills with magick while anchoring yourself in the basics of your Craft.
– Regain your personal power and continue on your journey to becoming Witch.

To be published October 2020.


Writing under the pen name, CricketSong, Sheri has written a pagan poetry book titled, A Witch’s Voice.

Within this book you will find seventy-five poems with occult themes such as: invocation, magick, necromancy, paganism, spell casting, witchcraft, and Wicca. Each poem was written with the deliberate intention of manifesting a thought that has been imbued with the emotions of the author and captured by the words she has chosen, which have then been manipulated by her Will and energy and transcribed onto paper, manifesting as poems into the physical realm, so that others, such as yourself, would be able to read them and share a few moments within her reality. Many of these poems written by CricketSong are accompanied by beautiful illustrations drawn by artist Nakita Melo. Whether you identify as Witch, pagan, or magickal practitioner, or are just curious about the occult, these poems are bound to entertain you. So, go grab yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable in your favorite chair, and allow these verses to transform you, to shift your perception, and envelops you in the power of A Witch’s Voice.

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